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Ring Sizes

Platinum is a beautiful and rare metal and is an excellent choice of metal for making wedding rings. However, a platinum wedding ring will not look good on one’s hand if it is too tight or too loose. It is essential, therefore to get a ring that fits perfectly on the wearer’s ring finger.

The first step involved in getting a perfect fit is to get the wearer’s ring size. It is advisable for buyers to take along with them to the store, the person for whom the ring is being ordered, and choose from the selection of rings available. Even though in such cases, the surprise element of presenting the gift will be lost, it will ensure that the ring fits properly on the wearer’s finger.

When buyers want to surprise their partners at the time of presenting the platinum ring and therefore do not want them to come to the store, then there are other ways to know the correct ring size. A buyer can get a ring that his partner wears on the ring finger and take it to a jeweler for sizing. In case this is not possible they try making an imprint of one of their partner’s rings. Pressing a ring into a piece of soap, clay or other malleable substance will make an impression of it. This impression can then be taken to a jeweler to obtain an accurate measurement.

Another easy way to get a partner’s ring size is to place one of her rings on the buyer’s own finger and push it down as far as it will go. Mark the spot where it fits with a pen and then go to a jeweler who will be able to take a measurement. Buyers can also try asking the partners friends or relatives if they know his/her partners ring size.

Some stores make customized platinum wedding rings if a person is unable to find a ring that fits from the ones that are already available in the store. Some jewelers also allow the buyer to try the ring on their partner’s ring finger. They usually exchange it for another piece or refund the money if the buyer is dissatisfied with the ring.Image Source: http://images.google.com Continue reading

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